Patternity – Mindful Marbling

PATTERNITY was founded by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham in London in 2009. United by their deep love of pattern and its ability to bring ideas, people and perspectives together, they wanted to share the positive power of pattern with the world. Today they are a ‘conscious creative organisation’ underpinned by a core philosophy and multidisciplinary research. All projects, products and educational events work with pattern to inspire more curious, collaborative and connected ways of living. for this interactive workshop, using simple marbling ink and water techniques, Patternity will be helping guests to connect with their creativity and enjoy an experience of mindfulness and energised focus. Bringing attention fully, and curiously, to the present moment, they will be opening a space for participants to get hands-on (and a bit mucky!), in a supportive environment, creating artworks to take away and treasure.