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Monthly missives for your sonic pleasure.

Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix) by Tsha featuring Trio Da Kali

Madlib ‘Sound Ancestors (Arranged by Kieren Hebden)’


Stay inspired by those burning most brightly.

Monolithic Undertow by Harry Sword
A new book exploring the power of drone music, ‘Monolithic Undertow’ delves into the history of the most hypnotic, repetitive and minimalist genre. From the likes of Hawkwind’s ‘Ladbroke Grove’ to the sound of experimental metal band Sunn 0))), discover how drone developed through religion and other subcultures to the musical form we hear today.

Get your copy via White Rabbit Books.

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Black Minds Matter x RA exchange: Errol Anderson (Touching Bass)
Resident Advisor’s new partnership with Black Minds Matter celebrates the career and work of black creatives. For their first in the series, delve into the world of Errol Anderson, DJ, NTS Radio regular and founder of London-based club night and record label, Touching Bass. He shares how he’s coping during the on-going pandemic and tells Andrew Mensah the inspiring journey of his career so far.

Listen to or read the full interview via Resident Advisor.


White Cube Online Exhibition: Emma Cousin
Indulge in a little escapism by logging into White cube’s brand new online exhibition. Emma Cousin’s colourful yet macabre works explore the limits of human communication to convey emotion. Which feels particularly prescient on some days at the moment.

View the exhibition online until 9 March.


Dim the lights and turn it up for our picks of films, videos and visual treats.

Service Abnormal
Catch up on the latest episodes of Service Abnormal, beautifully-shot micro-documentaries about those in the food and hospitality business who have had to change their businesses in response to the pandemic.

Paris Is Burning
If you haven’t seen this 1990 documentary, lockdown is a good time to catch up on this cultural cornerstone of performance history. It tells the story of Manhattan’s drag ballrooms and the scene’s stars, who established the inimitable shows that became a refuge and a community.
Watch for free on YouTube.

Handpicked morsels from the world of food and drink.

Support a London farmers’ market
We should only be leaving home to buy food, so if you’re spending on food, why not support a farmers’ market?

Londoners, divert your daily walk to one of our recommended haunts. Locations and details at the links listed here for Chatsworth Road, Brixton Farmers Market, Growing Communities in Stoke Newington and Herne Hill Farmers Market – some of our favourites.


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