Cultural Digest

Doors are being thrown open. Summer is coming. Hope is palpable in the air. Shoes on, mask on, let’s go.

Here’s our pick of culture for May, whether your city is back in business or still limited to couch-centric entertainment.

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Monthly missives for your sonic pleasure.

Mix: Tarzsa ‘The Shine A Light On’ Mix for Ransom Note
Manchester DJ Tarsza blends a foot-twitching mix of funk and soulful house that will offer a nice backdrop to any of your forthcoming party-of-6 dos.

Radio: Astrofever Records Radio
A new monthly Worldwide FM Radio show from the independent label based in Casablanca headed up by Beat Hotel fave Polyswitch. Listen back to the first edition.

Dim the lights and turn it up for our picks of films, videos and visual treats.

Artists Film International
Established at Whitechapel Gallery in London, now working with 22 global partners, this international film project brings film pieces from each participating country to new audiences across the world. Whitechapel’s selections are by filmmakers from Sweden, Latvia and Serbia and, for the first time, are viewable online.
Watch for free.

Stay inspired by those burning most brightly.

Noorseen Collective ‘I Rub My Language Against The Other’
14 of Morocco’s most promising and talented photographers have joined forces to create Noorseen Collective, now showing their work at Le 18 in Marrakech. Discover their arresting imagery on themes varying from contemporary Morocco to personal photo essays.
Until June 30.

Noorseen Collective - Beat Hotel Cultural Digest

‘Brutal Beauty’ Jean Dubuffet
As galleries open up, take a breath of fresh air at this new Barbican exhibition on Debuffet. He inspired Beat generation poet Frank O’Hara with his rebelliousness and restlessness spirit and the artist fought convention throughout his career, believing ‘Art should always make you laugh a little and fear a little. Anything but bore’.
17 May – 22 Aug at Barbican.

Jean Debuffet at Barbican - Beat Hotel Cultural Digest

A taste of the Beat Hotel culture.

Between the Bridges has just announced a summer of street food, cold drinks and riverside music vibes on London’s South Bank. If you can’t wait for the Beat Hotel takeover on June 26th (more info here), pop down and do a reccy.

Ripe Figs by Yasmin Khan
Inspired by stories of hospitality and humanity, Ripe Figs is a book of recipes and stories collected by Khan from a trip she took to the Mediterranean to cook in refugee camps. In it she shows that we’re all united in our shared need to break bread at a table, and the restorative power of sharing food with a friend or stranger.
Get cooking.

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