Cultural Digest

Welcome to the Beat Hotel’s monthly cultural digest.

Each month, we plot a journey in pursuit of cultural points of interest and pioneers pushing boundaries.

Recommendations and stimulation from music, spoken and written word, the arts and ideas, finished with the best morsels of inspiration from chefs and restaurateurs.

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Monthly missives for your sonic pleasure.

The track: Bicep – Apricots

The album: Roman Flugel – Tracks On Delivery

Stay inspired by those burning most brightly.

Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast
An exploration and celebration of poetry. Comedian Frank Skinner delves into the work of visionary poets revisiting the words and legacies of freethinkers including the Beats.
Available on Absolute Radio.

Ismail Zaidy
Ismail Zaidy is a self-trained Moroccan visual artist and photographer whose star is very much in ascendance. Drawing inspiration from his family, heritage and the concept of time and space, his work is bold, striking and emotive.
Get acquainted.

Beat Hotel Bar - Cultural Digest - November - Ismail Zaidy


Diversionary delicacies from chefs and restaurants.

If, like us, you harbour dreams of turning more time at home into kitchen prowess, then look no further than Beat favourite Berenjak’s Persian meal kits. London-based, these are your assured route to delivering a feast from Iran. Try their OG Kabab, Mazeh and Kabab e Tond meal kits.
Order in at

If you prefer to watch, then Black Axe Mangal’s collab series with Welsh chef ‘Flamebaster’ is a level up. From lamb ribs to tacos, the duo talk you through how to use fire and coals. Start with the taco tutorial and build up.
Watch and learn.


Dim the lights and turn it up for our picks of films, videos and visual treats.

Whether or not you know and love the music of Doug Hream Blunt, this charming documentary is a treat. Under an hour long, but filled with Hream’s cheerful spirit, it tells the story of the nurse from San Francisco who created a record after attending night school classes on How To Form A Band but refused to play it to anyone except his hospital patients. 30 years on it has become a cult classic and Hream took the record on a global tour with a crowd-sourced band combining schoolchildren and rock legends.
Watch the documentary, exclusively on The Quietus, here.

John Talabot AV Set
For this 40-minute DJ set shot earlier in the summer for Sonar, Beat Hotel fave John Talabot is joined by AV experts Desilence, for an audiovisual journey that’s not to be missed.