Stirring Words: Beat the Lock

Hold tight, friends...


We pressed pause. We did not pass go.
Dark content and whole continents went viral.
We’re under heavy clouds. Wasting days. Counting time,
Waiting for a ship on the horizon that never crosses into view.

We’re all tired of waiting.

So the Beat Hotel is planting seeds.
Nibs of action that can grow and inspire.
We’re dropping signals into the gloom.
Sparks of hope and fire.

Come check into another world with us.

There’ll be tastes and tales, stories and sounds,
Playlists, mixes, cocktails and streams.
We’re going to will ourselves back into bright nights of mischief.
Edging closer to an escape.

They can’t put distance between us and our dreams,
So hold on to them,
Til that day soon when
We’ll meet, eat, drink,
Share a bottle, break some bread,
And dance under the stars again.

Jack Kerouac - The Beat Hotel